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Simple, effective and affordable. Lean-to conservatories are a popular choice.

Lean-To conservatories

This modern conservatory is perfect for those who crave the effortless yet sophisticated look. The simple style is charming and would be an inviting addition to any household. With the pitch of the roof able to vary, it warrants for a very flexible structure.

This means that homeowners with a restricted area or difficult space, like a bungalow, won’t lose out on accommodating our amazing Lean-To’s. This conservatory is extremely versatile as it can be adapted to customer needs, so there is something to suit everyone.

Although the design originates from greenhouses, the Lean-To is not limited to such. You can modify this space based on your own vision; a lounge, kitchen, dining room and more. (Now available with double-glazing!) The potential is endless with a Lean-To.

By utilising the exterior pre-built wall of the house, this conservatory minimises cost through reduction of time and labour. Installation and maintenance expenses are also lessened because factors such as heating and water are accessible from your home.

These conservatories, also known as sunrooms, use their glass windows to harness warmth from sunlight, thus allowing you to enjoy the weather no matter the season. And we can offer you this brilliantly economical conservatory for an incredibly inexpensive price.


Beautiful Aesthetic

Modest and elegant. The Lean-To conservatory enhances any home with its clean, refined lines and open space.

Cost – Efficient

This addition to your home will be as affordable as possible due to its straightforward design and quick installation.

Low Maintenance

With a variety of design possibilities, the Victorian conservatory is extremely customisable. You can choose from our range of colours and finishes.

Adaptable Installation

Whether you live in a terraced a detached house, the Lean-To is available to you. Its versatile nature means that it can be adjusted to fit a large variety of homes.

Expertly Fitted

Our installation team make conservatory care their highest priority when commencing a fitting. They are expertly trained in the field and always deliver the finest service.

Range of Colours

Customise your conservatory by choosing from an array of colours, allowing for your own personal touch to shine through.

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Thermally Effective

Lean-To’s are the leading conservatories in thermal efficiency. By trapping warm air through its windows and roof, the conservatory will increase the warmth of your home, not only by temperature, but also by duration. Channelling the warmth from sunlight allows for the home to remain heated for longer periods of time. The main benefit to this is that the homeowner will use central heating less, resulting in a more cost-effective way of heating your property. Another catalyst of using these conservatories is that by reducing the heating use, you are therefore reducing your overall energy usage.

Incredible Security

Security is a significant part of our conservatory designs, as we endeavour to bring homeowners comfort as well as contentment. It is important to us that we provide as much peace of mind as we’re possible through the knowledge that your family and home remain safe and are protected. We only use first-class material when creating our conservatories. The superiority of these resources means that we can achieve maximum cohesion and strength. All doors and windows are of the top-most quality to ensure durability.

Variety of Roofs

Add personality to your Lean-To conservatory by choosing a roof to match your home. The styles we offer are visually outstanding and are promised to keep to our high standards. These tailored designs will undoubtedly provide character and appeal to any style of property. Each roof will be precisely fitted by our installation team, who constantly maintain our dependable and specialised processes. We draw on a wealth of experience to ensure that we are always professional and trustworthy so that you receive the best quality service.

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