P-Shaped conservatories offer the best of Lean-to and Victorian conservartories.

P-SHAPED conservatories

P-Shaped conservatories, an innovative combination of a lean-to and Victorian conservatory, offer homeowners the opportunity to enjoy a range of market-leading conservatory benefits. This outstanding option effortlessly combines the very best of both designs to create a home improvement solution that simply offers you more for your money.

By utilising the market-leading designs from our manufacturer, our P-shaped conservatories are the result of a contemporary manufacturing process that guarantees unbeatable standards of performance are achieved across the board. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a new addition to your home that continues to deliver all throughout the year.

Ideal for extending your home in a cost-effective away, our P-shaped conservatory design will allow you to expand your property without the stress, price or hassle of a full home extension. Our expert team will make things as easy as possible for you. You’ll be able to enjoy premium home improvements quicker and easier.


Extended Living Space

P-shaped conservatory specialise in offering maximum living space for any purpose.

Bespoke Designs

We’ll work with you to ensure you capture the right P-shaped conservatory style to you.

Thermally Efficient

You’ll be able to use these conservatories all year, no matter the weather.

Highly Secure

Enjoy this new addition to your home with complete peace of mind.

Expertly Installed

We draw upon a wealth of experience to deliver a highly professional service.


Keep any adverse weather at bay with our high quality conservatory options.

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Intelligently Designed

Our P-shaped conservatories operate in line with modern demands, meaning they deliver up to date standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, weatherproofing, performance and aesthetic. They are sure to be a worthwhile addition to your property, bringing a safe and warm new living area that will prove to be ideal for both business and leisure purposes. Not only will design ensure your P-shaped conservatory performs to unbeatable standards, it also means it will achieve an impressive lifespan. You’ll benefit from many years of performance, meaning this conservatory style is sure to be a perfect long term investment for your property that proves cost-effective.

Tailored to You

Perfectly suited to both modern and traditional properties, our P-shaped conservatories can be tailored to perfectly match the property that you have. Although ideal for larger properties due to their size, these conservatories achieve incredible versatility in their installation, meaning you won’t have to miss out on the high quality that they offer. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, our P-shaped conservatories can be decorated to bring a modern flair or period charm to any home. You’ll be able to find the perfect colour for you in no time at all. All the colours we offer feature a highly durable powder coating to ensure they maintain a beautiful appearance over many years.

Highly Secured

Although conservatories can sometimes be seen as a weak spot on properties, our P-shaped conservatoires dispel this assumption by offering a highly secure build. Consisting of premium materials, our conservatoires will maintain their structural integrity in the face of an attempted break-in, keeping any would-be intruders at bay. To ensure a robust and rigid build, our expert conservatory installers will work meticulously throughout the construction process to ensure all aspects of the conservatory are fitted as they should so they can perform to exceptional standards. This means there will be no weak spots across the conservatory for a burglar to use as leverage.

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