The striking combination of a Lean-To and a centrally positioned Victorian, Gable or Edwardian conservatory.

T-SHAPED conservatories

A T-shaped conservatory is the exceptional combination of a lean-to-conservatory. With a striking central projection, which can be a Victorian, Gable or Edwardian conservatory. This design specialises in offering an impressive amount of living space, which can easily be used for leisure and business purposes.

We utilise the unrivalled designs from Ultraframe to offer a standard of conservatory that excels in all areas. You’ll be able to enhance your home with a new addition that stands as a cost-effective alternative to a house extension for extending the living space that you had. We only offer you the very best at Warmer Home Improvements.

Our team of expert conservatory installers have accrued years of experience in installing our high-quality T-shaped conservatories across a wide variety of properties. We’ll be able to guarantee a perfect fit, no matter if your home is modern, traditional or period. This means your new home improvement will perform to the highest standards.


Thermally Efficient

Our conservatories will offer a comfortable living area throughout the colder months.

Increased Living Space

Enjoy all the benefits of notably increased living space with our T-shaped conservatories.

High Performance

We combine market-leading designs with premium materials to offer you more.

Highly Secure

These conservatories are inherently secure and fitted with high performance locks.

Low Maintenance

Built to last, you’ll be able to enjoy premium standards with minimal input.

Expertly Installed

Our professional service will ensure your conservatory is installed smoothly.

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Market-Leading T-Shaped Conservatories

To stand in line with the demands of the modern homeowner, we offer T-shaped conservatories that combine unbeatable designs with premium grade materials to ensure they achieve outstanding levels of quality and performance. This means that they excel in thermal efficiency, security, durability and aesthetic. Our conservatories effectively trap in warm air to ensure your new living area remains comfortable to use all through the year. This will also allow you to see a notable reduction in your heating costs, as you’ll have to rely on your central heating less to warm your property. They are also intelligently designed to bypass the ‘greenhouse effect’ that make conservatories unusable in the summer.

A Conservatory to Suit You

With a wide range of customisation options on offer, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the ideal T-shaped conservatory to suit your tastes and your budget. Whether you opt for a Victorian, Gable or Edwardian central projection, our team of experts will work with you to ensure the perfect fit is achieved across the board. We also offer a wide range of colours and finishes across our T-shaped conservatory range. This includes ‘White’, ‘Light Oak’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Mahogany’. We can tailor our conservatories to match all property styles and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a new addition that blends in or stands out, we’ve got you covered.

High Security Designs

The premium materials used across our T-shaped conservatories ensure that a high degree of structural integrity is both achieved and maintained across the whole design. This means that they will withstand even intense and prolonged attacks from any would-be intruders. It’s never been easier to make sure you, your home and your property remain safe. All window and doors fitted across our conservatories also utilise inherently secure profiles to ensure security is kept consistent. This standard is then enhanced with high security multi-point locking mechanisms that are installed expertly into the window and door frames to prevent any weak spots across the whole conservatory design.

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