Victorian Conservatories Dorchester

The classic beauty of Victorian conservatories makes them an ever popular choice for homeowners.

Victorian conservatories

Our stylish Victorian conservatories are increasingly popular due to their stoic beauty and lavish aesthetic. The eternally stunning look would improve any home. For homeowners who wish to have a classically picturesque garden, this conservatory is for you.

By retaining an octagonal design, the Victorian conservatory provides you with an impeccably scenic view. Homeowners are able to appreciate their beautiful gardens, or other striking areas, in the comfort of their own stunning conservatory.

The traditional shape of the Victorian conservatory allows more light to pass through your home. Extra panels also give the elaborate structure an extravagant air, that cannot be accomplished with different conservatories.

Unlike other conservatories, Victorian conservatories often use decorative glass and intricate detailing. Whilst typical of the era, it continues to be admired today. The lushness of its architectural history makes it an exceptional conservatory to own.

Adaptable to any household, this established conservatory is favoured among homeowners looking to bring some glamour into their lives. The spacious room is fitting for modern and conventional homes alike, making it a tremendously versatile addition to your home.

Here at Warmer Home Improvements we believe that installing your Victorian conservatory should be stress-free and simple, so we offer only the highest level of quality and vigilance, ensuring a smooth experience for all homeowners.

We partner with leading conservatory roof manufacturer, ensuring our impeccable standards are upheld.


Traditional Appearance

A Victorian conservatory’s refined decoration and ornate finishing will make it the prize piece of your property. Its historical charm is the perfect addition to any home.

Breath-taking Views

The distinct octagonal shape of this conservatory maximises the outside view so occupants can get a beautiful panoramic perspective of the outside.

Personal Builds

With a variety of design possibilities, the Victorian conservatory is extremely customisable. You can choose from our range of colours and finishes.

Unlimited Possibilities

There are many opportunities for modification with a Victorian conservatory. There are options for number of facets, cresting and eye-catching finials.

Illuminating Quality

By providing more light through its several windows, the Edwardian conservatory feels clearer and brighter, thus making it and your home more inviting.

Skilfully Installed

We at Forest Edge Home Improvements are very serious about proper installation care. So, we only employ the best experts to carry out the tasks at hand.

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Thermal Efficiency

The thermal performance of a Victorian conservatory is remarkably high; an exceedingly desirable attribute. Your home can be heated from the natural sunlight, as the glass from the conservatory windows will entrap hot air and circulate it throughout the building, resulting in a warmer property. Due to this, homeowners will save a significant amount of money on central heating over the life span of your conservatory.

Secure Victorian Conservatory

Warmer Home Improvements appreciates the weight that security has on a conservatory purchase. Which is why we guarantee that the safety of our Victorian conservatories is of the highest priority. We ensure the heightened integrity of our Victorian conservatories by only building them with exceptional resources. Due to this reason, your robust structure is less prone to accidental damage and requires less maintenance.

Customise Your Roof

Warmer Home Improvements houses plenty of options in terms of your conservatory roof choice. You can select your ideal design from our exquisite collection; a roof that illustrates the personality and identity of your home. Every installation will be carried out by our qualified experts, who will venture to aid you in any and every way possible.

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